One of the core values of Southern Software is our commitment to Stability, meaning we will not only be here today to sell you a product, but we will be here in the long run to support and continually improve that product. Software purchases are in a very real sense a partnership and from day one, we have always viewed our customers in that light. In addition to offering outstanding software products at very competitive prices, we are committed to continually developing and updating our products and offering industry-leading support. We are a company that has a strong financial base, stable management and long-term employee-owners who are committed to their clients’ success.

Stability: the quality, state, or degree of being stable: as a : the strength to stand or endure : firmness


From the beginning, Southern Software has adhered to the highest standards of financial management and followed a conservative financial model. This means that corporately we have strong cash reserves. When you are looking for a potential vendor for your software needs, we urge you to first check their financial stability before committing. Southern Software has been a leading provider of Municipal and Public Safety Software for over 25 years and our Financial Stability is critical to us continuing that tradition.

Stable Management

Southern Software has a management team that has grown with the company.  This stable leadership has enabled the company to grow in a controlled manner over the years. From the beginning, Southern Software’s philosophy has been simple. To do what we say, keep our promises, have the best support in the industry and to treat our customers as partners. That has been the vision of the Southern Software Management Team since 1988.

Long Term Employee Owners

Every Full-Time Employee of Southern Software is an owner of the company and has a personal stake in the success of the company. In addition, many of personnel have been here for many years allowing the building of strong bonds with many of our clients. These bonds hold great meaning to us, and help keep both the employees, and the customer, happy. By providing our employees with a stable, family-oriented workplace we foster an environment that ensures EVERY employee of Southern Software is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and that is the secret to the growth of Southern Software over the years.

World Class Support

Providing the best support possible is at the core of Southern Software’s mission. Whatever the situation, helping our partners when problems arise is our number 1 priority. And we implement that  philosophy by enlisting highly trained, dedicated and professional personnel whose goal is 100% customer satisfaction.


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