From the beginning, usability and stability have been the decisive factors in determining the technology Southern Software offers. Because of their responsibility to serve and protect, Public Safety Agencies and Municipal Governments require software that is powerful, user-friendly and reliable. All of our programs are written utilizing the .NET Framework which offers several advantages to developers, including a consistent programming model and powerful tools for application development. This ultimately translates into lower costs, faster upgrades and greater value for our customers.

All Southern Software products are compatible with the latest versions of both Microsoft SQL Server and Windows, supporting both 32 and 64 bit versions. All of our software development and support is domestically based, and we have a staff of over 20 excellent programmers devoted to keeping our programs the most cost effective and powerful  available. This ensures the investment you make today will never become outdated and will allow you to take advantage of the latest advances in hardware and software. From the beginning, Southern Software’s philosophy has been to under promise and over deliver.

Southern Software is proud to partner with Stratus Technologies

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